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This project has been co-financed by the Cyprus Tourism Organisation and the European Commission under the 2006 Grant Programme, Pilot Project ENT2/07/COM N.R./5.1.1 “European Destinations of Excellence”

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Submission Instructions
Submission Instructions (Acrobat PDF)
Submission Instructions (Microsoft Word)

All candidates should follow the instructions below for the submission of their application:

1. Closing Date for the Submission of the Applications

The closing date for entries is Thursday, 10 April, 2008 at 12:00 noon.
Late applications will be deemed ineligible.

All the applications should be delivered to the following address:

Maro Kazepi
EDEN Coordinator
Cyprus Tourism Organisation
19 Limassol Avenue, 2112 Nicosia

2. Form of Applications

The applications should be delivered in a sealed envelope, bearing the following wording:

Application for the Competition:
European Destinations of Excellence – EDEN: ENT2/07/COM N.R./5.1.1
“Tourism and Local Intangible Heritage”

Each application should be accompanied by the EDEN Application Form. Please note that an original and two (2) copies of each application must be submitted. It is required that all applications are completed electronically. Hand written applications will not be accepted by the Evaluation Committee. Electronic form applications in Microsoft Word can be downloaded from the Cyprus EDEN website: or by contacting:

Enoros Consulting Ltd
EDEN Help Desk
41-43 Klimentos, Office 18
Nicosia, 1061 Cyprus
Tel: 22-375472 Fax: 22-375598

The applications should be completed in Greek or English.

3. Content of Application Dossier

The following information should be submitted as a part of each application in an original and two (2) copies. Moreover, the application shall also be submitted in electronic form (i.e CD-ROM) accompanied with supporting materials of the destination (CVs, brochures, photos, maps, posters, other digital material i.e. DVDs):

a. The original application accompanied by two (2) copies. (please see “Instructions” in the Application Form)

b. Map of the area, leaflets or information material pertaining to the destination and the wider area (Photos, brochures), digital material (please see “Instructions” in the Application Form).

c. The application in electronic form (CD ROM) (please see “Instructions” in the Application Form).

d. A CV of at least one English speaking member of staff (please see “Instructions” in the Application Form).

e. Letter of Commitment from each participating organisation (please see “Instructions” in the Application Form).

4. EDEN Help Desk

An EDEN Help Desk has been set up in order to provide assistance for interested parties in completing the Application Form. The Help Desk is staffed with qualified Consultants experienced in the field of Tourism in Cyprus. Services at the Help Desk are free of charge. Even though the Help Desk staff is there to assist applicants, the application should be completed first and foremost by the applicant. It is the applicant’s responsibility to form local partnerships, seek local synergies and coordinate the activities to complete the application.

The consultants are proficient in both, the Greek and English Language. Please contact them directly:

Help Desk

Nikos Stathopoulos
Technical Assistance Manager
ENOROS Consulting Ltd.
Tel. 22-375472
GSM. 99-877092
Constantinos Kloudas
Technical Assistance Consultant
ENOROS Consulting Ltd.
Tel. 22-375472
GSM. 99-943238
Melina Stavrou
Technical Assistance Consultant
ENOROS Consulting Ltd.
Tel. 22-375472

5. The Winning Destination

The EDEN project has planned the following promotional activities for the wining Destination:

  • A destination brochure in English, highlighting local history along with the core elements of cultural heritages of the destination, as well as pertinent information on climate, contact information, sites of interest, local arts, maps etc. The brochure will be disseminated in Cyprus, throughout Europe and world-wide.
  • The winning destination will be promoted by CTO nationally and internationally and via a comprehensive range of public relations actions (i.e. press releases, placements in media, newspaper articles). Furthermore, the Destination will be promoted in the CTO’s Website as well as in the Website that has been developed especially for the Cyprus EDEN Project:
  • The promotion of the winning destination has a European component as it will be promoted by the European Commission Tourism Unit. To this end, funds have been planned for a pan-European promotional and advertising campaign.
  • The winning destination will also be promoted at the European Tourism Forum 2008 in France, during the EDEN Award Ceremony of all winning EDEN “Tourism and Local Intangible Heritage Destinations” (18 EU member states and 2 candidate countries participate in the competition).
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