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This project has been co-financed by the Cyprus Tourism Organisation and the European Commission under the 2006 Grant Programme, Pilot Project ENT2/07/COM N.R./5.1.1 “European Destinations of Excellence”

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Evaluation Criteria

The Evaluation Committee members represent CTO along with other governmental and non-governmental organizations. Each application will be evaluated according to the scoring grid below. The applicant destination that will score the highest points will be the winner of the competition.

The specific criteria that will be subject to review by the Evaluation Committee measure the impact or the relevance of the applicant destination to the following:

No. Criteria Evaluation Weight
I The enrichment and promotion of important aspects of Cypriot intangible heritage (i.e. wine making tradition, local gastronomy, revival of local arts and crafts as well as legends of the island’s mythology)

Scoring structure:
Enrichment: 12 points, Promotion: 18 points

II The Development, valorization, and strengthening of the local intangible heritage through local action plans and initiatives.   10
III The involvement of the local community (especially youth) in safeguarding, (transfer of knowledge and oral traditions, initiations activities to local tradition), development and promotion of local intangible heritage.   10
IV In one or more of the following:

a) reversal of the diminishing trend of traditional professions which produce local products

b) reversal of the decline of traditional handicraft which preserve cultural traditions

c) revival and authentic expression of components relating to local intangible heritage

V Innovation relating to presentation, promotion, management and interpretation of the destination through the use of new technologies (i.e PCs, internet, promotional material in DVD) and good practices relating to signposting (i.e. banners, sign boards, maps, posters) and the operation of information centres.

Scoring structure:
Use of new technologies: 8 points, Good Practices: 7 points

VI The sustainability of the destination as it relates to management capacity (i.e. permanent staff, knowledge of English or other foreign languages, office equipment, financial schemes, strategic planning with the involvement of local stakeholders) inventory of auxiliary facilities (i.e. hotels, restaurants, recreation, and other amenities).

Scoring structure:
Management capacity: 16 points, Auxiliary facilities: 9 points





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